Photo of Bill above by Chasing Light Photos

Hey, Bill here! Like everybody during this unusual time, I've been hunkered down and staying home. I haven't played a live gig since early last year! But I've been keeping busy in my home recording studio. I've got a bunch of new songs, many of which you can hear via the links below. 

I've been my own one-man-band lately, by necessity. The songs you'll hear below are all me; I wrote 'em, sang 'em, played acoustic and electric guitars, fiddle, lap steel, dobro and myriad virtual instruments including drums, bass, keyboards, strings, pedal steel, even penny whistle! 

I went through a tough three month stretch where I suffered a paralyzed vocal cord, so there are a couple of instrumentals in the mix, and a song (Elsewhere) sung by my friend Diana Andres. My voice is mostly recovered now, thankfully, so I'm getting back to singing.

Please have a listen!